Strat List

Strat NameDescription
Barad Guldur Part 1First part of the long climb in the bastion of the Lieutenent of Mirkwood
DN: Mistress of PestilanceBy Elbereth! Here is one that really need a beauty parlour
DN: FlagitEyeballing lieutenant with a nasty habbit of using the raids attacks as healing.
DN: IstumThe most deadly of the three Orc-lieutenants of the Mistress of Pestilence.
DN: Blind OneChief lieutenant of the Mistress of Pestilence.
Dark DelvingsOne of the toughest places in Moria before the launch of Mirkwood. It can still present a challenge even if it's difficulty has been lowered.
Vile MawThe home of the mighty Kraken which destroyed the entrance to Moria after the fellowship fleed into the darkness.
DN: Rung & BlaghPoisonous trolls that guards the entrance to Dar Narbugud - The brothers never stray too far of each other.
Barad Guldur Part 2Meeting the sorcerors on the way up to the twins
DN: ZholugaThe Mistress' deformed lieutenant in charge of spreading the fungus throughout Moria.

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