Welcome to the Extraordinary Adventurers League, a group of friends on Lord of the Rings Online (European Laurelin role-play server).


The EAL Values

Having a good time is everything

We strive to maintain a friendly, relaxed and respectful environment in which all members can have fun and enjoy themselves together with their kin and other players.


Valuing and supporting members

Our goal is to remain a kinship where everyone is a valued member and where all can get help from others. We want to be a place where you know and trust other members and where the atmosphere is supportive. We value input from all members and will be as democratic as possible; thereby giving everyone a chance to participate and add to the kinship.


Knowing and respecting each other

We want to acknowledge that all members are individuals and have different goals, wants, real lives, preferences and time available. We will take care that new and old members are not “lost in the crowd” and feel part of the kinship.


Doing what we do best – and then some

We want to be great at what we do and enjoy – whether that is being good at raids, crafting, PvP, leading, telling jokes, role-playing or something else – but without it being stressful, narrow-minded or elite-orientated.


Recruitment & Kin Membership

We do not accept everyone into kin

We do not recruit people we do not know or have not grouped with before. We do not accept too many new members at a time, but try to make the recruits feel at home and get to know them properly before we accept more members. We believe that the quality and well-being of current members are better than the quantity.


Family & Friends are welcome

Your RL family are of course welcome to join the kinship. We already have couples, parents and their children, cousins, etc. Friends are welcome too, but please consider if they would fit into kin first.


Gender, nationality, age, etc. is not restricted

Everyone whom we find would fit into our kinship are welcome regardless of age, sex, nationality, etc. The only requirement is that you know enough English to understand and make yourself understood in-game and on the website.


We do not have any activity demands

You do not have to spend a certain amount of time online or must log in xx times a month to remain a kin member. However, we will remove kin members after they have not been online for 2 months, if we have not received message from them. Different rules apply to officers.


We do not have any in-game race, class, crafting or level restrictions

You are free to make whatever race and class you like and all your alt characters are welcome in the kinship. You are free to have characters in other kinships You are free to group/raid/PvP with all players inside and outside kin. You are also free to have alts in other kinships – or even your main, although we do not want this to be an “alt” kinship and prefer that your main character is in the kin. Different rules applies to officers.